Three Month Update

14 July 2019

Written by Owner & Cosplay: @fourth.icon


It’s been about three months since we launched, and we wanted to take this opportunity to give you all an update on what’s been happening, what we have planned for the coming months

– and also to give a very heartfelt thank you to the entire Perth Cosplay Community. The support that you’ve shown us has been overwhelming, and we couldn’t be more grateful to you all!


It’s still early days for PlayByProxy and naturally, that means that so far we’ve gotten some things right, but there is always room for improvement!

Troy and I are both proud to be a part of this incredible community, and as a result, it’s very important that we keep you all in the loop with what we’re doing!

Rest assured, we read every message and suggestion that you send us, and with Supanova out of the way, it’s time that we can finally start lining up our ducks for the rest of 2019!

We’d also like to use this opportunity to give a special shout-out to our partners at Duskraven Costumerie! We are proud to be working hand-in-hand with such a talented and wholesome duo and without their support, we wouldn’t be able to offer the range of world-class Thermoplastics that we’ve had such great feedback about! We are working with them to bring you more products and more ways to heat up your cosplay game!

So without any further delay, here’s what’s been happening:


Updated shipping terms

So, as you all know – Troy and I were delivering all of the Perth Metro orders personally – this offered us an incredibly unique opportunity to meet so many new members of the community and find out what you’re all working on.

However, this was only ever intended as a short-term solution as we both work full-time and have plenty of other commitments that keep us busy.

So, we are pleased to announce that we will now be offering a price-matched delivery service Australia-wide on all orders for a fixed price of $10, or FREE on all orders over $100.

As a result, we are unfortunately no longer offering free metro shipping as an option – however, cosplayers both north and south of the river will still be able to collect your orders for free from Craigie, and Canning Vale!

Our intention is to reintroduce free metro shipping again in the future.



When we placed our first order of foam with the manufacturers, we thought we would have enough stock to last for 6 months. However, we wildly underestimated how quickly the WA Cosplay Community would jump on-board and snatch it up!

Our 5mm EVA Foam in both black and white proved to be overwhelmingly popular, and we sadly ran out in just 3 months…

Great news! Our second batch of 5mm EVA Foam has been manufactured, and will be available again in 4-6 weeks!

As an exciting addition, we will have a limited number of Ultra High-Density EVA Foam sheets in 5mm and 7mm for propmakers interested in working with an even denser material. These are even denser than our standard line of EVA foam, and are perfect for creating sturdy, lightweight props and details that cut, carve, and sand like a dream!

We still have EVA Foam in 3mm, 10mm, and 50mm!

If you haven’t tried it yet, we also have our range of Ultra-Lightweight Foam Sculpt available in Black, White, and Grey!

Finally, you can still get your hands on our range of world-class thermoplastics: Craftiflex and Thibra!


Website Updates

So, we’ll be the first to admit – our website’s not winning awards anytime soon!

However, over the following weeks and months you’ll start to see changes and improvements as we conduct some general house-keeping, and start to introduce some exciting new features and sections.

We’re very excited to start introducing community sections – giving us a platform to showcase some of the incredible work that the Perth Cosplay community are doing!

In addition, we will be looking at ways to bring you more context around each of our products – what you can create with them; the tools and materials you’ll need; and most importantly, the techniques that you’ll want to know! For those just starting out, this will help you pick the right materials for your project!

Finally, we want to make it easier for you to give us your comments, compliments, complaints, and all-around feedback, and will be looking at ways to help you get in touch with us whenever you need us!

New products

Thank you to everyone who’s sent us a query or a request for a new product – we’ve had requests for new foams, thermoplastics, silicones, resins, leather, fabrics, tools; and much, much more!

We have some very exciting new products in the pipeline. We can’t say very much right now, but we hope to be able to start showing you some stuff really soon!

Rest assured, we read and research every suggestion that you give us, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more of the products that you want to see! Please, keep the suggestions coming!



Thanks for taking the time to read our update – if you have any questions please send us a message on here, or via facebook!

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