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Thibra is a unique thermoplastic sheet material with extraordinary characteristics.

Very smooth and usable for creating double curved shapes, for extreme forms and sphere shaped objects.

Thibra allows you to make corrections or improvements as it can be reheated again. Just like craftiflex, the offcuts and scraps can be heated, moulded together, and sculpted into something entirely new.

  • Easy to heat and shape, doesn’t tear easily and is strong.
  • Perfect for making double-curved and extreme shapes.
  • Unique: Thibra can be corrected and repaired by reheating, even when the object has cured already.
  • Extremely smooth due to special composition, this prevents lengthy filling and sanding
  • When heated, it combines well with other materials such as felt, textile, foam shapes. When cooled, contact adhesive can be used.
  • Excellent alternative for expensive methods such as vacuum forming.

How To Use Thibra

Thibra Best Practices

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