HexFlex Paints


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Transform your crafting endeavors with HexFlex’s newly enhanced paint boasting rich pigmentation and exceptional coverage for all your projects!

🌟 Enhanced Formulation: HexFlex features a highly pigmented formulation that delivers vibrant colors and superior coverage, ensuring stunning results every time.

💧 Water-Based Excellence: Craft with confidence using HexFlex, a water-based paint offering ease of use and impressive performance.

✨ Superior Finish: Achieve flawless results with HexFlex, whether applied with a brush or thinned for airbrush use, guaranteeing a smooth and professional appearance.

🎨 Impressive Coverage, Endless Creativity: With HexFlex, experience outstanding coverage and a wide range of colors to fuel your creativity, allowing you to bring your visions to life with ease.

🌈 Flexible and Versatile: HexFlex cures flexible, making it perfect for use on foam, fabrics, and other flexible surfaces, ensuring durability and versatility in your projects.

⚒️ Recommended Usage: For optimal results, pair HexFlex with HexFlex Sealer/Primer or other flexible primers to enhance adhesion and longevity.

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