Flexi Paint™ Concentrate (250ml)


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🎨 Introducing Flexi Paint™ Concentrate: The Ultimate Solution for Costumes and Props! 🎨

Take your crafting projects to the next level with Flexi Paint™ Concentrate – a thicker version of Tyges’ original Flexi Paint™ that offers unmatched flexibility and durability.

💪 Thick and Concentrated: Our Flexi Paint™ Concentrate gives you the freedom to adjust the thickness according to your needs. Simply dilute as required to achieve the perfect consistency for your project.

🌟 Designed for Costumes and Props: Flexi Paint™ is specially formulated for use on costumes and props, providing a non-toxic, latex-free solution with no harsh fumes or overpowering smells.

✨ Non-Toxic and Crack-Resistant: Craft with confidence knowing that Flexi Paint™ is non-toxic, doesn’t crack, and offers strong bonding for long-lasting durability.

🛠️ Versatile Bonding: From EVA foam to Plastazote, upholstery foam to latex, fabric to polyurethane soft foam, Flexi Paint™ bonds seamlessly to a variety of surfaces, ensuring your creations withstand the test of time.

🎨 Flexible and Durable: Enjoy the benefits of Flexi Paint™’s highly flexible and durable formula, allowing your costumes and props to move and bend without fear of damage.

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