Poly-Props Craft Filler


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Introducing Poly-Props Craft Filler!

Need a flexible, water-based filler for your crafting projects? Look no further! Poly-Props Craft Filler is here to make your creations flawless.

Water-Based Brilliance: Our low-odor formulation ensures a pleasant crafting experience every time.

Adheres to Most Surfaces: Whether it’s foam, fabrics, or plastics, Poly-Props Craft Filler sticks with you through thick and thin.

Smooth and Sandable: Achieve that perfect finish with ease! Wet or dry, sanding is a breeze.*

How to Use: Simply apply to the desired area and smooth it out while wet. For optimal results, apply in thin layers to minimize shrinkage. Need to tweak the consistency? Just add water! Cure times vary from 2-3 hours for small areas to 6-8 hours for larger projects.

Versatile and Reliable: From cosplay armor to intricate props, Poly-Props Craft Filler is your trusted companion for all your crafting adventures.

Don’t let imperfections hold back your creativity. Upgrade to Poly-Props Craft Filler today and unleash your artistic potential!

*Remember, sand within 24 hours of the initial cure for best results.

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