Foam Sculpt

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Unleash Your Creativity with PlayByProxy’s Foam Sculpt!

Are you ready to take your cosplay game to the next level? Introducing PlayByProxy’s Foam Sculpt – the ultimate ultra-lightweight foam clay that’s not just a crafting material, but a journey into a world of limitless possibilities!

Versatility Unleashed: Sculpting with Foam Sculpt is a breeze! This soft, airdrying clay cures like foam, allowing you to effortlessly cut, carve, and sand your way to perfection. Create lightweight masterpieces for your next costume or bring high-detail casts to life with ease.

Express Yourself: Dive into the world of organic forms and textures! Foam Sculpt is easily workable with your hands (and a few tools for that extra finesse). Squeeze, twist, rip, pull, and cut your way to your perfect shape. From textured armor to a thousand tiny bolt-heads, monster heads, or intricate filigree – Foam Sculpt is your ticket to creativity!

Fast, Clean, Fun: Experience the joy of crafting with one of the fastest, cleanest, and frankly, most fun materials in cosplay! Foam Sculpt is designed to step-up your game effortlessly.

Air-Dry Magic: Once your clay creation is complete, let it air-dry for a minimum of 48 hours (longer for thicker pieces). The result, an ultra-lightweight, semi-flexible masterpiece with the perfect consistency for cutting, carving, and sanding.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Prime and paint Foam Sculpt just like any of our other EVA Foam products! Watch your creations come to life with vibrant colors and stunning details.

Shrinkage? No Worries: Like all foam clays, Foam Sculpt shrinks slightly as it dries. Don’t worry, it’s meant to do that – adding a unique touch to your creations.

Colors and Sizes Galore: Choose from Black, White or Grey, and pick the pot size that suits your project – mega (900g), large (300g) or small (150g).

Elevate your cosplay journey with PlayByProxy’s Foam Sculpt – where every creation is a masterpiece waiting to happen!

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