LD45 Plastazote Foam (6mm)

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Dive into the World of Creativity with Plastazote Foam – Now in Stock!

Discover the magic of our Plastazote foam, designed with a unique light-permeable property that lets light gracefully pass through, creating a mesmerising frosted glass effect!

Crafting Excellence for All: Whether you’re a seasoned creator or a cosplay enthusiast just starting out, Plastazote Foam is your ultimate companion for crafting spectacular LED-equipped armor and props. It’s flexible, durable, lightweight, and, of course, convention-safe!

Easy Crafting, Seamless Results: Crafting with Plastazote Foam is a breeze! Easily cut and carve using a variety of accessible tools, and achieve a smooth, seamless finish through simple sanding. This versatile material gladly accepts most primers and paints, ensuring your creations come to life with vibrant colors.

Heat-Friendly Innovation: Plastazote Foam stands resilient against heat, making it your ideal crafting partner. Use a heat gun to shape and mold your foam before gluing and painting – turning the heat into your creative ally!

Endless Resources Await: Not sure where to start? No worries! Explore a multitude of incredible online resources to guide you on your adventure of crafting costumes, armor, weapons, shields and wings. The possibilities are endless, and the creativity is boundless!

Sheet Sizes to Suit Your Vision: Choose from Small (100cm x 50cm), Medium (100cm x 100cm), or Large (100cm x 150cm) sheets to bring your imaginative creations to life.

Elevate Your Craftsmanship: Plastazote Foam is not just a material; it’s an invitation to explore, create, and innovate. Join us in the journey of crafting brilliance and let your imagination soar!

Get Your Plastazote Foam Today and Illuminate Your Creations!

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