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As Dorothy said: There’s no clay like foam!

Introducing PlayByProxy’s unique flavour of ultra-lightweight foam clay: Foam Sculpt!

We’re using ‘flavour’ figuratively, please don’t eat the clay.

Our soft, airdrying clay cures just like foam – easy to cut, carve, and sand. Perfect for sculpting lightweight pieces for your next costume, or creating high-detail casts with your existing moulds.

Create organic forms and textures with ease – Foam Sculpt is easily workable with just your hands (but we always suggest throwing in a few tools for good measure!) – Squeeze, twist, rip, pull, and cut your way to your perfect shape with one of the most versatile and forgiving materials in cosplay! Whether you’re looking to add texture to armor, cast a thousand tiny bolt-heads, sculpt a monster head from scratch, or add filigree to your next costume – Foam Sculpt is one of the fastest, cleanest (and frankly, most fun) ways to step-up your cosplay game!

Once you’re happy with your clay-creation, leave it to air-dry for a minimum of 48-hours (longer for thicker pieces) – the resulting piece is ultra-lightweight, semi-flexible, and the perfect consistency to cut, carve, sand. You can also prime and paint Foam Sculpt just like any of our other EVA Foam products! Just like all foam clays, Foam Sculpt shrinks slightly as it dries – don’t worry, it’s meant to do that!

Available in Black, White, or Grey; in mega (900g), large (300g) and small (150g) pot-sizes.

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