High-Density EVA Foam (50mm)

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The world’s favourite cosplay material!

Adored by the FX-industry for decades, High-Density EVA Foam has quickly shot to fame as the world’s most popular material for propmaking and cosplay fabrication.

Our High-Density EVA Foam is available in jet black or brilliant white, with a smooth flawless surface texture on both sides. Your days mindlessly sanding off the texture from foam floormats are over!

Whether you’re an experienced maker or you’re just taking your first steps into cosplay – EVA Foam is the perfect material to help you build incredible armour and props – flexible; durable; lightweight; and of course, con-safe!

This material is easy to cut and carve with a wide arsenal of easily-available tools and can be sanded to a smooth, seamless finish! EVA Foam accepts most primers and paints, and is remarkably resilient to the heat of Perth’s glorious summer season. In fact, heat is your friend – use a heatgun to help shape and form your foam before glueing, and to prepare it for painting!

Don’t know where to start? Don’t panic – you’ll find a tonne of incredible resources online to help you on your adventure to create your own costumes, armour, spaceguns, swords, bows, and wings!

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