55 High Density Foam

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Introducing the World’s Favorite Cosplay Material!

Say goodbye to tedious sanding and hello to effortless crafting with our High-Density EVA Foam!

Join the ranks of FX-industry experts and cosplay enthusiasts who swear by 55 High Density EVA Foam. With its jet black hue and flawlessly smooth surface on both sides, your propmaking dreams are just a cut away!

Crafted for both novices and seasoned makers alike, EVA Foam is your ultimate companion for crafting stunning armor and props. Lightweight, durable, and con-safe, it’s the perfect choice for your next cosplay masterpiece.

Measuring at a convenient 1m x 1m square, our EVA Foam is a breeze to shape and carve with common tools. Plus, it sands like a dream, ensuring a seamless finish every time!

Embrace the versatility of EVA Foam – it accepts primers and paints with ease and withstands the heat of even Perth’s summer sun. Harness the power of heat to mold and sculpt your creations to perfection!

Not sure where to begin? Fear not! Dive into a treasure trove of online resources and tutorials, guiding you through every step of your cosplay journey.

Ready to bring your favorite characters to life? Choose EVA Foam and let your creativity soar!

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