3535 LED Strip


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🌟 Introducing Our Ultra-Compact LED Strips – The Smallest of Small! 🌟

Get ready to revolutionize your projects with our ultra-compact LED strips – the epitome of small but mighty! Sold in convenient strips of 3 LEDs each, these miniature marvels pack a powerful punch, making them perfect for projects where space is at a premium.

Measuring a mere 4mm in width and boasting an impressive 60 LEDs per meter, our small LED strips deliver incredible brightness and illumination despite their diminutive size. Thanks to the adhesive strip on the back, mounting them is a breeze, ensuring effortless installation wherever you need them.

Experience unparalleled customization with our individually addressable LED strips. Whether you’re a seasoned Arduino enthusiast or a Raspberry Pi aficionado, controlling these LEDs is a cinch using a simple circuit. Unlock a world of possibilities with custom colors tailored to your exact needs and preferences.

Forget about limitations – our LED strips can be cut to any length without the need for termination, allowing you to create seamless lighting chains effortlessly. Need to extend them? No problem! Simply cut them in the middle and easily extend the LEDs with basic soldering techniques.

Don’t let size hold you back – unleash your creativity with our ultra-compact LED strips today! 💡


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