ProxyBond Adhesive Sheet (A4)


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21cm x 29.7cm Double Sided Adhesive Sheet.

2-sided powerful hold that allows you to instantly adhere just about any material with no mess, no fumes, and no drying time.

Easy-to-use, can be cut to the size and shape of your costume pieces and application is as simple as peel and stick.

After application, the adhesive can be heated to bend adhered pieces into the desired shape.

Works great on foam, thermoplastics, Worbla, fabric, wood, metals and more.



  1. Make sure surfaces to be adhered are smooth and clean
  2. Cut to the desired size and shape
  3. Peel off one side of the release paper and press exposed adhesive to 1st surface (rub firmly to ensure the entire surface is adhered)
  4. Peel off the remaining release paper and press exposed adhesive to 2nd surface (rub firmly to ensure entire surface is adhered)

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